What if It’s Us?

What if it’s us?

Today ended and there were two moments today that brought this blog post together.

I was discussing with a colleague a student who has been a “struggling learner,” but yet has demonstrated technical knowledge that exceeds many of the professionals I work with. His abilities happen to lie outside of our core curriculum, specifically in the area of computer science. He recently talked to me about his ability to root basic devices (toys, old phones, etc.), allowing him to essentially “hack” or control these devices remotely.

The second moment was in over hearing a conversation about screen time. Two colleagues were discussing there thoughts on screen time in schools debating what the appropriate amount of screen time is. There seemed to be some charged feelings with regards the topic.

Putting these two events later in the day led me to begin thinking…what if it’s us?

The picture at left eludes to not only the depth with which disruption has occurred, but if we look deeper the pace. None of the companies listed above existed before 2000. In less than 15 years various sectors have had their inefficiencies exploited by technology. Prevailing attitudes by leaders in each industry dictated their appearance on the list.

Clearly consumer and cultural paradigms have shifted and that includes our students. The current lens through which we view education will need to be adjusted accordingly. What was once 20–20 vision has now become a blur, as evidence by the rapid knee jerk shifts occurring regularly at the state and federal level. What gains and what loses relevance in the 21st century will surely be a major discussion. Regardless it will be a process, and will take time. The “traditional” model of education as many would call it is the product of nearly 100 years of blood sweat and tears, and surely this shift will be much the same.

Unfortunately this post is most likely preaching to the choir, so please share across platforms and modalities. Rethinking the focus of education is of utmost importance to our nations youth and each day we are late is an opportunity missed. Innovative educators will be needed to help move the needle.

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